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Hello! My name is Samantha and I am a 2D animator and graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with an in depth knowledge of Toon Boom Harmony Software, and great passion and skill for 2D animation, most especially special effects animation. I have experience in and am happy to work both in-house and remote, I am open to relocating quickly, and I own my own software. Some of my current and former projects include Double Stallion Games' "League of Legends: Conv/gence", Rooster Teeth's "Camp Camp" and "Nomad of Nowhere", Screw Attack's "DEATH BATTLE", DC/Warner Bros./McDonald's "Justice League Action Happy Meal Commercial", Supercell Game's "Brawlstars", HBO's "Animals", and Starburns Industries and Dan Harmon's "HarmonQuest".

The strengths I have lent to my past projects have been my detailed EFX animation- which I was trained in, my knowledge of Harmony software and ability to learn software quickly, my ability to fill both artistic and technical roles as needed, and my great communication skills which come with my honest and bubbly personality.

As an artist, fan of any and all things pop culture, a regular D&D player (Wood Elf Cleric!), and gamer who grew up in the world of dance, acting, and performing, entertainment animation feels like home to me. I strive to bring a dash of the musicality and flow I was raised with into my work, most especially to my EFX animation, and to use my interests in pop culture, D&D, and the arts to create the best work for my Employers and Clients, whether that be fun and eccentric or dark and dramatic.

When not animating, I can be found taking dance classes in everything from Ballet to Hip-hop to Bollywood, attending live music and comedy shows, playing D&D, playing video games, getting active in the community, reading Booster Gold comics, or cuddling with my cat: Mischief, and my 4 rats: Captain Flint, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, and Space Ghost.

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